A Philanthropist

In an effort to give back to the society that had shaped his life and career, Dr Srinubabu adopted seven villages in the Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh. He created necessary infrasture for driange system, currently provides safe drinking water to Allenna, Burja, Kilentra, G B Puram, Peddapeta, Palavalasa, Kothapeta and its nearby villages, where contaminated water is leading to an increased rate of cancer. Dr Srinubabu is also involved in expanding resources for education, healthcare, and sanitation within these communities.

In an effort to support rural students Dr Srinubabu conducting Students Science fairs, skill deveopmet programs in association with Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and Dr. BR Ambethkar University Srikakulam.

Dr Srinubabu also conducting entrepreneurialpromotion events in association with Government to create more job providers.

Dr Srinubabu and his group are did conferences in collaboration withIndus foundadtion, Andhra University, Stanford University, NIH, Dr. BR Ambethkar University, KL University etc and providing jobs,poster awards to studentsduring the events.The group isconducting education fairs for students awarness about foreign Universities and also conducted healthcare & Pharma events in association with Government of Telangana, Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council and Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce.

Dr Srinubabu interview on Importance of conferences to promote quality researchand perspectives of pharma industry growth.

Dr Srinubabu interviews and conferences coordination on Indian Agriculture, crop research, Indian healthcare, Cancer awarness programs,pharma regulatory, pharma industry sector etc.

Educational Contributions

Education lays the foundation for the success of any society, and is the torch-bearer for any progress, be it scientific or technological.

Dr Srinubabu Educational Society utilizes faculty development workshops to provide resources, such as audio/visual learning equipment and other methods of technical assistance, to better equip teaches to educate community members.

Dr Gedela has made inroads into seven interior villages of the Srikakulam District, where it has extended support to schools to reform and strengthen primary, secondary and higer education.

Dr Srinubabu Educational Society providing education from primary education to higher education. There are about 5,000 students studying in Dr Srinubabu Educational Society.