An Entrepreneur

Dr. Srinubabu is a serieal entrepreneur and the recipient of “Young Scientist” award from the prestigious Human Proteome Organization at Seoul, Korea in 2007 for his pioneering research in the study on early stage identification of Diabetes. He received his Ph.D from Andhra University in 2007 at the age of 25 and has completed a Post Doctoral from Stanford University. He is also the recipient of Best Young Entrepreneur in 2015 and 2017.

       Dr. Srinubabu started his entrepreneurial journey in 2009 by founding Omics International Pvt. Ltd, with a profound vision of making scientific literature accessible to everyone on the globe free of cost, an idea which has actually borne out of the hardships he has faced while doing his Ph.D, and how the researchers from developing countries are shortchanged with the access to the extant scientific literature from around the world which has been controlled by global publishers with an iron-fist. What started as one single open access journal in 2009, the group today has grown to 1000 scientific and healthcare journals in the fields of Clinical, Medical, Engineering & Technology,

Management, and Life Sciences that publishes over 50,000 scientific research articles annually.

        Omics quickly expanded its activates to International Conferences and Events. With more than 3000 Global Annual Medical and Scientific Meetings in 40 countries, Omics meetings are dais for 60,000+ scientists for meaningful interaction and discussions where world class scientists, and business professionals deliberate their knowledge with young and aspiring scholars. As part of their spectacular growth during the last 9 years, Omics acquired several small and medium size companies in publishing and events sectors, mainly from Europe, Canada, USA and Russia. In 2016 Dr. Srinubabu acquired PULSUS Group, a highly reputed 30-year-old Canadian health informatics, medical and scientific publisher.
        Today, Omics & Pulsus group employ more than 3,500 employees with 75% of them being women. They work out of six SEZ units at Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi. Going forward, PULSUS is establishing its own IT/ITeS Campuses, Life Sciences Skill Development Campus, scientific and healthcare information translation centers at Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Noida with an estimated investment of Rupees 10,000 crores in next five years.

           Furthering his service to the society, Dr. Srinubabu is now embarking on translating the Global Scientific Literature from English to other foreign languages JapaneseRussian, Chinese, German etc. and also into Indian languages Hindi, Telugu, Guajarati, Tamil, Begali etc. Once this is completed INDIA will become global hub for knowledge and everyone in the world will have access to the rich source of Healthcare information in their local languages.


Education: Dr Srinubabu Completed Graduation from Andhra University B.Pharm, M.Tech, Ph.D and Postdoctorate from Stanford University. He Awarded Ph.D at the age of 25 in 2007. Omics International Pvt Ltd and Its associate companies operating in 40 countries and six Special Economic Zone(SEZ) Units with 3500+ Employees.


Young Scientist Award from HUPO at Seoul, South Korea in 09 October 2007. 

Omics International Pvt ltd Received best Indian ITES award in 2015. Received Best ITES Company Award from HYSEA

Best Young Enterprenuer Award for 2017